We started this company to inspire and empower teachers. Our goal is to help create an environment where teachers can sustain a healthy mentality while successfully maintaining every aspect of their life. We strive to help teachers find creative ways to organize their day without adding to existing issues. As teachers, we realize the importance of being prepared and we hope we can aid teachers in effectively managing their classrooms. We understand how having a clear plan can positively affect the success of students. Part of our commitment to teachers is to create functional yet visually appealing products that combine elements from both their professional and personal life. We want teachers to stay on task, consistent, and motivated! 

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Hi! My name is Donielle. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher...well since I was about 9 years old anyway. I have always enjoyed helping a child learn and seeing the spark they have when they have achieved success in something on their own even as a child. I made it my mission to become a teacher when I grew up....graduating from Towson University with my undergrad and George Washington University for graduate work. I have since worked in the field of Early Childhood and Elementary in varies grade levels. In having the pleasure to have taught such varied grades and age levels I have learned that organization is the key to being a successful teacher. My sister and I felt like there wasn't anything out there for educators to organize both their personal and school lives in one convenient place. We use what we have both learned in our years of experience and created what we believe to be the perfect planner sheet.

Hi! My name is Lonjel. I am the “Techie Twin”. I currently teach Middle School Computer Technology. I graduated from Towson University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Mass Communication with a minor in Communication Studies. I later earned my Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Maryland University College. Teaching came into my life as a second career. I started out in the field of marketing and advertising. I continued my journey to find direction and purpose in the business world until I finally stumbled upon my passion; teaching. My mother says I took the scenic route to this decision, because she and my twin sister are both teachers. I thought about teaching, but had invested so much time preparing for a career in business I did not want to veer off track. However, I knew my purpose as soon as I had the opportunity to work in a school full-time.

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