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Thank You, From One Teacher to Another...

March 31, 2017

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Welcome to my blog, “Secondary Conditions”. I currently teach Computer Technology to 6th, 7th, 8th Graders. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and ideas on how to navigate the world of secondary education. As we know, it can be full of ups and downs and unexpected turns but this is one roller coaster ride I wouldn’t want to miss. Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

~Techie Twin (Lonjel)

November 25, 2017

You get a log, you get a log, everyone gets a log (in my Oprah voice)! Everyone who knows me in the classroom, knows one thing about me...I love me some logs! I have a log for everything. Logs are a great way to track any and everything. The logs have completely change...

July 25, 2017

Grading can be one of the duties we dread the most...but I am here to make it easier! Here are some tips that can make your life better.

1st- Make a plan at the beginning of the school year for grading and stick to it. It is easier to develop a plan at the beginning the...

May 8, 2017

Welcome back to the "Surviving Multiple Preps! 2-part series.  In my last post I discussed 3 tips on how to stay sane while teaching multiple courses and hundreds of students in one day. Now, I will share tips 4 and 5 on how to help your day go smoother!

4. Stay Pr...

April 28, 2017

When I first started teaching middle school I had no idea the differences in your day when you teach one prep (course title; subject) versus teaching several preps. Boy, was I shocked at the amount of work that goes into managing your day.  When you teach multiple prep...