All that Glitters brings a little bit of sparkle to your usual routine! This is the best way to organize your personal and teacher life. Use our daily organizer to write down your day and have it at your finger tips every day! This planner pad comes with a 1 month supply (25 sheets).

"All That Glitters" Daily Quick View Planner Pad

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  • We created these planner sheets to help educators merge their personal and work planners together. Juggling two planners and writing down things twice can be confusing and time consuming. Our planner sheets are made to tear off daily and take with you. You can keep our planner sheet on your desk or carry it on a clipboard.

    Our planner sheet is divided into sections: 
    “Daily Quick View”

    • Write a brief overview of your day’s lesson period by period. Include:materials needed, homework and notes

    To Do List

    •  Write a list of tasks needed to be completed “At School” and “Outside of School”


    • Write the time you will leave and get to school daily. Give yourself a written reminder. We know how you can lose track of time. This will help you plan your time wisely. 


    •  For all the meal preppers, here is a place to write what you are eating for lunch or snacks


    • Write down all of your meetings for the day to ensure you do not forget them!

    After School Activities

    • Here is a place to write down any after school activities you are involved in for the day; personal and work related (clubs, tutoring, etc)

    Important Phone Calls

    • Write down any important phone calls you need to make. Have the name and number at your fingertips!

    High Priority Tasks

    • Write the tasks the need to be completed first or in a timely manner in this section. Here is a place to focus when your day gets hectic. 

    - 8.5X11-25 Sheets on an easy tear-off notepad 
    - 20LB. White paper
    - Chipboard backing
    - Stylish design

    - Tip Sheet

  • No refunds...Exchanges permitted at owners approval. Contact us if you want to exchange an item.

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