This data binder is specifically designed for teachers with multiple classes. Our binder is perfect for middle and high school teachers looking for a way to organize and analyze data for more than one class or more than one prep. 

Our data binder set includes:

Editable Binder Cover with a place for teacher’s name and school year

Editable Assessment Standard Lookup Sheet
→This sheet can be used as an index of all the assessments in your binder and the associated standards
→It can be used as a listed overview

Editable Class Progress Checker
→This sheet is a great way to summarize your assessment results per unit for every class
→These sheets are very helpful when comparing and analyzing results with multiple classes taught the same content

Editable Student Data Tracking Form
→This sheet can be handed out to students to help them track their progress each assessment
→Students color in the bar graph as it correlates to their earned grade

Thank you to the amazing artist who created some design elements used for the cover: 
♥The 3AM Teacher (Michelle Tsivgadellis) Blog:

Secondary Editable Teacher Data Binder

  • Total Pages - 6 pages

    File Format - Editable PDF


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